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Have You Started Your Career

And want to make your money work for you, so you don’t always have to work for it?


When you start working full time, it’s a great opportunity to get into good financial habits. For a lot of us, it’s the first time we have a regular paycheck and don’t need to put a couple extra dollars away to account for the low pay weeks.

Whilst there’s a lot of opportunity, there are also a lot of questions around other things we haven’t had to think about before like life insurance, superannuation and cashflow. At Allerton Private Wealth we can help you answer these questions and start your financial journey on the right foot.

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Managing Your Own Finances

When we start our careers, there’s a pretty healthy mix of excitement and overwhelm. For a lot of us, it’s the most money we’ve made in a month, but we also have 101 questions over what to do with it such as:

Do I need to worry about how my super is invested?
What kind of insurance do I need in case I can't work?
When would I be in a position to buy a car or house?

Without advice from a financial planner or financial adviser, we tend to make financial decisions based on those around us. Whilst it’s good to chat about it, they’re often in the same position as us and are struggling with the same questions we are.

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Working With Allerton Private Wealth

When you partner with Allerton Private Wealth, the questions you’re asking yourself for the first time, are questions we’ve helped people like you find solutions for each and every day.

There are super investment strategies you can take advantage of now while you are younger that may not be suited to you later in life
We make sure you're insured according to your personal needs to protect your financial position in the event of injury, illness or accident
We can help you plan for big purchases such as cars and houses

We help remove the overwhelm and take the guess work out of these big financial questions you’re having for the first time. You’ll be able to get your financial journey started on the right foot, so you can work towards what matters most to you.

Start Getting Your Money To Work For You

As time goes on, the more commitments we seem to have. The earlier in your career you can get an understanding of your financial position, the sooner you can get your money working for you, instead of you working for it.

Our Financial Planning Services

Allerton Private Wealth have a range of financial planning services for clients at all life stages. The core services we work with young professionals on include: